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最后,参加本次巡演的乐队是米哈乌·米勒查莱克三重奏(Michał Milczarek Trio,MM3)。该团将于10月19日在知名的深圳OCT-LOFT国际爵士音乐节举行演出。往年已出席过此音乐节的波兰爵士乐团包括Pink Freud、Jazzpospolita和Imagination Quartet。此外,米哈乌·米勒查莱克三重奏还将在广州、中山和珠海的俱乐部演出。巡演的最后站将是四川省首府成都市,乐队将在那里的电子科技大学举行音乐会和工作坊。

米哈乌·米勒查莱克三重奏(Michał Milczarek Trio)

米哈乌·米勒查莱克(Michał Milczarek) 吉他

巴尔托什·乌齐凯维奇(Bartosz Łuczkiewicz) 贝斯

马特乌什·莫德热耶夫斯基(Mateusz Modrzejewski) 鼓

2017年10月19日 深圳 OCT-LOFT国际爵士音乐节

2017年10月20日 广州 广东外语外贸大学

2017年10月21日 中山 Friends Bar

2017年10月22日 珠海 金爵士

2017年10月23日 广州 乐府Y:UNION

2017年10月25日 成都 电子科技大学

2017年10月26日 成都 电子科技大学

2017年10月27日 成都 言几又书店

2017年10月28日 成都 西村

MM3 in China

October 17, 2016

New video! Watch the video art for the single "Burnt Toast" from the "Ambient Works" album.
Concept and direction - Sasha Strunin


July 11, 2016

Michał Milczarek Trio at Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival - Jazz Po Polsku "Live in Scotland". 23rd & 24nd of July, Jazz Bar (Chambers Str.) Edinburgh. See you there!

MM3 in Edinburgh

May 10, 2016

MM3 has signed a deal with the independent label BOSKA ENTERTAINMENT as well as a management contract with Mr. LEE​ ​KING.​​ "Ambient Works" and "Squirrels & Butterflies" will be distributed everywhere :) And Lee King will take care of our concert activity.

​​Please, visit: www.boskaentertainment.com​

May 2, 2016

Vietnam - thank you very much for your wonderful atmosphere, beautiful views and absolutely great time, which we had during our concerts in Hanoi and Hue! See you soon!

Vietnam Concert

April 24, 2016

Ambient Works - directed by Alexandra Strunin


April 8, 2016

Ambient Works!
The album is available on digital platforms:

Spotify | TIDAL | Deezer | iTunes

Ambient Works

March 31, 2015

Michał Milczarek Trio will give a concert tour in Vietnam. We will perform twice at Hue Festival and in Hanoi Rock City. Concerts are held as part of the project Jazz po polsku, promoting Polish jazz in the international arena. MM3 will perform at the Hue Festival, the bigest music festival in Vietnam. Concerts will take place on 30th April and 1st May. We will play also two days earlier at Hanoi’s Rock City (28th April). Hue Festival aims to emphasize the cultural heritage of Hue city, Vietnam’s former Royal Capital. UNESCO listed its most significant monument – the Citadel of Hue City – as a World Heritage site. The Polish team of architects, led by Kazimierz Kwiatkowski, greatly contributed to the restoration of the Citadel after the Vietnam War.