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Michał Milczarek Trio
milczarek | modrzejewski | łuczkiewicz
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Michał Milczarek - electric guitar
Bartek Łuczkiewicz - bass guitar
Mateusz Modrzejewski - drums
+ Envee - glasses, chimes, voice

  1. the end of history...
  2. burnt toast
  3. smokes
  4. vn
  5. phases of sleep
  6. fogs
  7. coffee stains
  8. shot put
  9. dresden
  10. modern art is cheap
  11. ... and the last man

All songs improvised by mm3
Recording - Marek Piotr Szumski
Production/Mix - Envee & Michał Milczarek
Master - Envee, Michał Milczarek & Michał Kupicz
Visual design - Michał Bryndal
Recorded in September 2015 @ Quality Studio.
Mixed in January 2016 @ Quali R2

Michał Milczarek Trio's second album is a studio experiment with a blend of ambient, minimal music, modern- and free-jazz. The trio has recorded a fully improvised set during a two-day session in Quality Studio, Warsaw. Produced, mixed and mastered by Envee and Michał Milczarek, the album is innovatory both in terms of arrangements and sound. "Ambient Works" is above any musical templates and boundaries and it provokes the listener to take a different look on jazz and improvised music.

Squirrels and Butterflies

Michał Milczarek – guitar, piano, rhodes, keyboard instruments
Bartek Łuczkiewicz – bass guitar
Mateusz Modrzejewski – drums

  1. Thuan Has Never Seen Shanghai
  2. Gibril Farishta #1
  3. Mosquito
  4. Gibril Farishta #2
  5. A Handfull od Needles
  6. Gibril Farishta #3
  7. Sleepless
  8. Gibril Farishta #4
  9. Mount Brynd
  10. Squirrels & Butterflies

Compositions: 1-4,6-10 – Michał Milczarek, 5 – Bartek Łuczkiewicz
Arrangements: mm3
Recorded in Quality Studio, July 2-6, 2014
Recording: Marek Piotr Szumski & Envee
Mixing: Envee & Michał Milczarek
Mastering: Marcin Cichy
Visual design: Michał Bryndal

"Squirrels and Butterflies", the debut album of MM3, was released in Autumn of 2014. The band has been working on the CD for a year. The band's music refers heavily to jazz, which is the common link between the subsequent songs, though the compositions reflect the musicians' most recent inspirations as well. The album is full of hip-hop, rock, contemporary fusion and electronic music influences, which present jazz music with a fresh sound and unique approach. It was not only possible thanks to the arranging ideas of the musicians - the sound qualities were enhanced by the album's producer, Envee, who is known as one of the best and most respected producers and DJs in Poland. The "Squirrels and Butterflies" LP was recorded in Quality Studio in Warsaw and released by Akademia Rocka with the support of the Institute of Music and Dance "Jazz Phonographic Debut" program.

The Big Game

Michał Milczarek – guitar
Bartek Łuczkiewicz – bass guitar
Mateusz Modrzejewski – drums

  1. The Big Game
  2. Motley
  3. Ginger
  4. Where Is My Pillow?

Music: Michał Milczarek
Arrangements: MM3
Recorded in CWWD, September 1-2, 2012
Mixing: Piotr Staniszewski and MM3
Mastering: Piotr Staniszewski
Graphics: Jan Gierach and Aleksander Gierach, Izabela Santorek

In the Fall of 2012, the band released The Big Game EP album. Mini-album got very postive reviews online, as well as in professional journals. MM3 played a 20-concert promotional- The Big Game Tour (among others, performance during the International Ethno-Jazz Festival Flugery Lvova and Rzeszów Jazz Festiwal). It was very well received by the audience and got flattering media coverage. At the beginning of 2013, The Big Game got 3rd place in the AxunArts portal's ranking of the best Polish EPs.